Toshiba Recovery Wizard

Lap-top infected

I just got off the phone with my step-daughter. Her lap-top has picked up a “bug” that continues to pop up telling her the computer is infected in many areas and she needs to down-load software protection(at a cost).
No matter how she tries to exit this message it reappears over and over.
First off, I’m a dim-wit with software and over the phone it was even harder to help her.
The lap-top is made by Toshiba for which I have “recovery instructions” since this problem happened once before. But following the very first step did not activate the “Toshiba Recovery Wizard” screen.
So we then tried using Windows Vista restore function. That got us nowhere too.

The first time we had this problem with a “virus” I returned the computer to Best Buy and they installed a new hard-drive. But I’m sure I’m past the warranty date by now.

Any suggestions?

Do not download the software. You can use reliable ones such as Avast,Avira,Malwarebytes, ETC.

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